Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Alley

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2012 said...

Hey this is David, K.D.s friend. We all had lunch at Naan and Curry after the Dalai Lama talk, Remember? Sure would love to chat just not sure how to reach you, hopefully this is a start.

Merelyme said...

oooh sweet kitty. i have a black kitty too. how are you doing my friend?

+Positive House said...


Hi! How did you find this? Through the link on KD's site? (The description needs to be changed on that.)

Thank you for saying hi. And for not using my name. My ability to be as open as I can be on this is dependent on nominal anonymity, even though I, evidently, can be easily found out.

I'm very reclusive these days except for being so communicative on this blog which has been cathartic and integrating for me. -And an interesting way to make connections with people nonbloggers probably wouldn't understand.

My pseudo-nonymous email address is, (but I'm bad about checking it because it's not my "real" one. And I like communicating this way better. But you're welcome to contact me either way.

Love to hear from you,


I'm glad you have a black kitty, too.

I'm a little fragmented, but the blog helps me understand how strangly my life goes together, and why it would be reasonable that I would feel fragmented, and the blog helps inegrate by being a kind of group email of care.

I'm confused about how to be able to stay anonymous enough talk about the relationships in my life (without names) which I need to do. Some relationships are integral to my health and are sometimes difficult, and I want to be able to thoroughly express them here, and I'm not sure how to do that. And I have to be this open about myself, dangers, or not, but I don't know "the rules" about protecting myself, and I don't know exactly what from? Any advise? I like talking here better than email and your advise might help someone else too.

I should be writing this in a post but: meds are better, and definitely relieving, although having to take them every time my phone beeps requires alot of patience.

And I followed through on my part of the project I was so stressed about that I'm not sure if I should write about. It's for the most part wrapped up. We'll see.

Thanks for asking. I'll come visit you now,

+PHc said...

By the way David and Merelyme,

My signing my messages from "+Positive House" (my other site) was an accident. It should have said "+PHc" (which stands for +Positive House caretaker, although I have not been an attentive caretaker there the last two months. There's a lot of heart and creative rage in that site that only specific divisive demographics would really get - but never read. But I will go back to it in some way for the made-up support and validation and inclusive company I need that I built (based on what exists for others) myself that I'm not getting anywhere else, in order to move forward in trying to communicate and/or contribute to what matters to me. I contributed good HIV/AIDS work for a lot of years other people's ways, and I can't find a single person who feels the way I feel (in HIV/AIDS work and public health approaches in general.) Those feelings of passion, frustration, and complete ineffectuality are a compressed explosion that needs careful release when ready. But maybe it wasn't an accident I signed for that site. I don't know yet.


Krishna said...

HI,Glad David made contact. he is going through a tremendous amount of hard stuff, sealing with mortality and the way so-called friends react to it.
As far as your"friend" goes...I think he genuinely wants to have news of you and this has turned out to be the best way to get it. Here I am in India checking your blog to see how you are. I think of all the times I could't get you on the phone for days and days and didn't know if you were alive or dead or if there had been some emergency...So I understand. On the other hand I understand how it feels like an intrusion on your private space, and your ability to feel free to say whatever you want without needing to worry about how it will affect someone.
If you want to change the description of your site, let me know what you want to say.
Ja sends her love.She is very uch at home here and doing well.
Love from Mother Ganga and Moi