Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am not ready for this gray day. Someone is coming over who is not listed in the cast of characters in the sidebar. At 10AM. (Not part of a crisis team). Nothing has to be perfect, but my psyche will be clearer if it is. (Or it seems so.) I am lyimg back down for twenty minutes till my antidepressant kicks in - which is not meant to be a stimulant - but is. I am more vain about how my apartment will look, than about how I will - which I don't even want to think about, but should. - No, I want to do this well. My way as much as will be up to me.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I am the same way when company comes over. I can look crappy but the apt. must look nice.

Charles A. H. said...
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Merelyme said...

how did it go?

+PHc said...

Whimsy -
Neither was ready! And no excuses but fear. I let things matter too much to me rather than actually enjoying doing my best and letting things run their course. So I don't do anything. I'm not sure yet about writing a post extension on "Exposure" that will explain more what is going on. But yes - apartment space can be a venue for expression like a corporal extension of self, sometimes offering more range of personal communication than physiology.

CHAS - I'll let you know why I hid your message. Thank you for it.

Merelyme - I'll see if I can write about it. I would like to, I need to work out qualms about what I'm doing and why. And writing really helps with that. But I am worried about disclosure issues you brought up on your blog too, as well as the integrity (intentionality) components involved. I don't know what the rules are.

Sweet dreams to you.


Dionysios said...

I read the post and I think I understood; then I wrote this. It isn't advice; just a story of me. I hope it means something. Take care, Dionysios.