Monday, January 28, 2008



whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Now those are two loaded questions!

+PHc said...

My skills and expertise ( no "other" about it) - is describing life experience.

And there is about as much space on this form under "Life experience. Describe:" to put this blog address.

Jim said...

I have learned that my life's experiences are my real teacher and I learned much more than I learned from any education I had.

about jenji said...

*see attached


Merelyme said...

can you attach more to the form? something comical about having you write something so profound and meaningful in such a little space.

so how are you doing today? i am thinking of being a hermit but i am not quite sure. just thought i would say howdy before i switch on over to my emotional recluse mood.

+PHc said...

Whimsy, Thank you for understanding why i put the photo up.

Jim, You saying that really helps. I did get myself thoroughly together, and went to the meeting and applied, and came away feeling, pretty confident that I can get on the council, hopefully confident that I can, depending on what comes up, I might be a uniquely voice on it, but that, selfishly - being on it is not going to "cure' my feelings if "illegitimacy" as a confusedly disabled person participation did a long time ago when I was more evidently sick (more physical, less mental - so I could see it on paper (on my lab work.) This feels like work that a certain percentage of consumers must do, and it might as well be me now, now it is my due to serve at some point. I should - and probably will - write this in a post rather than a (in addition to) this comment. BUT thank you for saying EXACTLY what you said, because it is formal education that I believe would give me that since of legitimacy that I want, but isn't necessarily more of a "teacher" than other life experience. Thank you.

Jenji! I couldn't open up whatever was attached! I'm curious.

Merelyme, Yes. Yes. It wasn't a problem. Thank you. i was just appreciating the irony. In my sidebar I had/have a list of goals and wishes posted just to push myself and one of those was assembling a bio/resume for something else that mattered to me (not an easy task, as I haven't kept records, not thinking during the time period I accomplished the most that i would be living long enough to need them. I hope your possibly eminent reclusive mood doesn't mean anything is wrong. (I'm well aware it doesn't always.) But you put yourself out there so much emotionally I can see how it might be a good idea sometimes, even though this gives back too. Thank you for the warning and the comment. Be well! I will be thinking of you either way.

laughingwolf said...

life experience: made it to age ____

other skills/expertise: equal to other survivors

[that's meant to be funny]

glad you have a chance to show your stuff, hon!

+PHc said...

Laughingwolf, I don't know how to take that at all - any of it - but I'm glad if you are glad I have a chance to take on responsibilities to the best of my (unavoidably expanding) understanding, that I feel I owe. - And can feel some relief of human involvement in the process. ? (besides through this computer.)

about jenji said...


Oh, I didn't mean that I had something attached for you to read. It was sarcasm.

I meant, that had I been asked about life experience/expertise/skills I would have (and I have done this before) simply made my own little box labeled SEE ATTACHED, as in see attached form and checked it off b/c my answer would have been too long to fit in a neat little package.

As you know, life experience is an understatement for some of us.

That's all.


laughingwolf said...

please note: it is intended to be funny, to help bring a smile to your face :)

+PHc said...

Laughingwolf, I don't know how old you are but, I DO think appreciate the skills and expertise required to make it to mine! - by anyone. The more I try to be re-involved the more I appreciate all the things so many people accomplish everyday despite their problems - that I can't imagine accomplishing - without any of my hindrances! Seriously. People mistake my trying to raise awareness about certain difficulties as not appreciating that we all have them, when that couldn't be further than the truth. It's just that the lack of understanding of my versions can be soooooo isolating. But your intending to bring a smile to my face makes me happy, and makes it all a little easier. Thank you.

Jenji, LOL. That's what I was working on already. I was just appreciating the irony of an application form for a city coucil that requires 51% of members to be relevant healthcare consumers, obviously many disabled. That space couldn't contain the life experience of your spider.

laughingwolf said...

glad if i can bring a smile to your face, hon... even if it's temporary :)

yeah, i'm older'n you, so have fought battles of all kinds myself, and will continue as they crop up... surviving them is 'good enough' for me