Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgivings Still

Please visit Thanksgivings (Proscribed) I finally wrote tonight, as the last day of this November - the anniversary month of my psychiatric hospitalization, and release, last year.


Merelyme said...

i need to read more of your writings. there is so much here. i am glad you are writing about your will help people with your words.

+PHc said...

Thank you Merelyme. Read if you like. I know there is so much right now. I can be - it is - overwhelming. I feel pressured right now to get so much out - but I do believe, in time, once I catch up to myself - I will have shorter, more consistent, easier-to-keep-up-with entries. Thank you very much for the encouragement. I want to learn how to get it all into a form that is meaningful to others... Peace