Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Displaced Thanksgiving, Early

I can say that my European friend, and the experience of traveling with him, made me appreciate the land of the country I was fortunate to be born to - and the State, National, and Navajo Park Services,...

...and I can say that loving life like I have with him makes me re-appreciate my health, and my health-care. I'm sorry about complaints (about either) that I have made on this blog. Although feeling the freedom to express those complaints here has helped relieve them somewhat.

And I can say from this trip that feeling cared about and seen by someone I like as much as I like this romantic traveler makes me yearn for private company in my life - and appreciate privacy. (He says that blogging is a "false intimacy." I think it is a different kind of intimacy, but can be very real. I hope that I have not offended anyone by being as personal as I have been on here in the past.)

And this trip has made me thankful even more for my cat and for the person who cares for her while I'm away.


broke said...

What a wonderful thoughtful post. And I yearn for private company in my life too; tonight the yearning is sharp and demanding, and then I read this and remembered that I was not the only one who feels such things. The picture you include here is perfect for illustrating your text. Thanks for this. Take care,

+PHc said...

Thank you, B. I wish you good company. Take care as well,