Friday, October 12, 2007

Left Out

Today I am expelling myself from my apartment to go talk to Financial Aid at the small, private, ultra-progressive school that Isabella [see Bad Blood] went to. I sent in the application last week, and I had my transcripts sent the last time I applied (but didn't follow through), so maybe they still have them on file.

Isabella got through on loans. I'm applying for grants and scholarships. They used to have scholarships for women with HIV, but like Isabella, I wouldn't want to use that.

I'll use the things that I did, that I could do, when I could, about being a human being with HIV, though.

I'm scared. I have to go.


Greta said...

Oh babe - I hate to hear that you are scared. Come back to NOLA!!!

Greta said...

You've been nominated for the http://weblogawards for best medical/health blog:)