Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kiss My Gumbo

Greta Perry, author of the blog, "Kiss My Gumbo", calls bloggers who link their blogs to bigger blogs "blog beggars", or "bleggers" (because linking to bigger blogs is a way to increase your audience). My referencing "Kiss My Gumbo" (kissmygumbo.com) is not "blegging" because, one--I don't yet know how to post links in my page text, and two--I don't yet understand how linking to bigger blogs would increase your audience unless bigger blogs linked back to you, and how would they even know to if you're the little blog, and why would they want to?

The reason I'm referring to "blegging," besides that I want an excuse to reference "Kiss My Gumbo" because the idea and the words of kissing gumbo cheer me up, and besides that I like how its author, Greta Perry, writes and the many good things she does--although she scares me [check her blog out], is that I want to make it known (to anyone) that the extensive sidebar linking in my blog site +Positive House, (which I put a lot of love and links into, [see sidebar here for +Positive House link]), was not shameless self-promotion. Almost nothing I do is shameless. My links in +Positive House were mostly to non-profit agencies and services, not blogs. (I don't know that if makes any difference.) And I had, and have no understanding of reader-reaching. That is not what that linking was, and is, about, exactly.

This blog here--I'm not even sure what I'm calling it yet--if I were marketing myself I would at least wait to start writing until I had a title that sticks--is, I think, going to be a narrative explication of and interaction with +Positive House, which is a little unusual, and which I care about very much. I'm not even sure I'm going to go through with this blog yet except that I like the template. (Which is similar to +Positive House's template.)

In my next entry I will explain the purposes for all the sidebar links at +Positive House, without referencing it like this, in a linear way. And as soon as I know how to post a link in this page text, Kiss my Gumbo gets it.

Kiss My Gumbo

Plus Yatspeak: a lexicon of New Orleans terminology and speech

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